To begin with, Life seemed to be an erroneous word, not too shy, yet so dramatic..

A simple gesture of appreciation, a token of love, a pinch of sadness, or a heartfelt desire; every step in time offers a new learning, thus leaving every moment, every breath, afresh, anew in its essence.

The epitome of courage is an outcome of everlasting love towards the breath of joy, an eagerness to know the highest and living life to the fullest; all leading to one. Every step is a question, to understand itself.

Life in its plurality has so alluringly expressed itself leaving no space for an error. What seems to be conflicting has taken its form from the absolute,where each imperfection leaves room for more, a question which can only be answered by itself.

And when the question gets answered, it leaves room for more questions… Every breath is new and every moment is fresh; imperfections just lie..



Penning down my thoughts

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